The Qin Dynasty:  221 - 206 B.C.

Map of China under rule of Qin Dynasty

Location:  The Qin Dynasty was located around both of China's major rivers - the Huang He and Chang Jiang.  The dynasty went almost as far north as the Gobi desert.  Eventually, it went as far south as the Xi River.

Advancements and Achievements:

- standardized the language and writing of China
- standardized currency as a copper coin with a square hole in the middle
- standardized measurements and axle length
- unified China
- built network of roads and canals
- built irrigation to improve farming
- built the Great Wall across northern China to protect against invasions

Significant Achievement:  Unified China

  The Qin came to power in 221 B.C. after conquering the warring states.  Throughout this dynasty, many changes  were made to unify China.  A Legalist form of government was implemented to rule the people.   The language and writing systems that had varied from area to area during the Warring States period were standardized.   This was done to improve communication across the country.  Currency, measurements, and axle lengths were also standardized.   Many public works projects were performed to improve travel, farming, and security. 

Qin Dynasty copper coin currency

Qin Dynasty Great Wall of China